Medical Records & Slide Requests

Outside consultations, slides requests and requests for medical records can be faxed along with a copy of the patients release of authorization to:

Stephanie Houston, C. L. A.
Custodian of Records/Slides Librarian
The Pathology Laboratory
830 Bayou Pines West
Lake Charles, LA 70601
Phone: (337) 312-1269
Fax: (337) 312-1311


General FAQ's

How do I request complete records for myself?

Download a copy of the Release Of Authorization ( R.O.A.) form. The form must be completed then faxed to 337-312-1311 attn: Medical Records or dropped off to The Pathology Laboratory. Allow 3-5 days before records are ready for pick-up and bring a picture I.D.

What is the cost for copies of medical or billing records?

  • 1-25 pgs               $1.00 each pg
  • 26-350 pgs          $0.50 per pg
  • 351+ pgs              $0.25 per pg
  • Handling fee       $25.00
  • Postage fee          $1.00
  • Notarized Documents    $5.00 per affidavit
  • Patients are charged a flat base fee of $6.50 for all records

How do I request slides and reports if I am going for treatment or a second opinion?

Have your physician or a contact person at the treatment facility fax a request for slides and reports to The Pathology Laboratory @337-312-1311 attn: Slides Librarian. It is not always necessary to come to the Lab to pick up slides once you have established an appointment with an outside medical facility in which the materials will be sent overnite . This will allow that facility enough time to view the materials before your arrival.

Can an attorney request or subpoena his client's slides and blocks for legal purposes?

The Pathology Laboratory has a Chain of Custody that allows the Lab to send the materials only to the expert that is provided by the attorneys office for a shipping and handling fee of $100 U.S. and $125 International. Allow 3-5 days for any outside consults to be returned and materials to be previewed, sorted and packaged for delivery. The materials must be returned to The Pathology Laboratory only once the review is completed by the expert.