Patient Services

Billing Policies

To better serve you, the following guidelines have been developed for our office:

YOU are responsible for:

  • Having your insurance enrollment card available at every visit
  • Providing the necessary information required for primary filing of your claim
  • Pay your required amount at the time of every visit
  • Notify us of any change in your managed care/insurance plan and any change in benefits
  • Contesting non-covered claims with your managed care/insurance and refiling if you desire
  • Filing of secondary managed care/insurance if you desire
  • Full payment within 30 days of all services transferred to patient responsibility, even if secondary filing by you is pending

The Pathology Laboratory is responsible for:

  • Filing your claim once with the managed care/insurance company that you have given us as your primary coverage
  • Posting payments received to your account and if there is a valid credit balance due you, it will be applied to your next visit or refunded to you upon your request
  • If the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) indicates that there is no payable amount from managed care/insurance, the amount will be transferred to your responsibility
  • Following up with your managed care/insurance if no payment and no denial is received
  • Review all delinquent balances for Collection Service Bureau action