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8500Sexually Transmitted Disease Panel
Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
Urine/Swab/Thin Prep and Serum
Aptima Swab Media- 2-30 degrees C for 60 days ; Aptima Urine Media- 2-30 degrees C for 30 days or Primary urine container- 2-30 degrees C for 24 hours ; Thin Prep- 2-30 degrees C for 30 days ; Serum- 5 days refrigerated
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Specimen Requirements
Acceptable Specimens: Aptima Urine Collection Media; Aptima Unisex Swab; Aptima Vaginal Swab; Thin Prep Pap Vial. Urine in primary container (urine cup) must be collected as follows: Must collect first catch urine into urine collection cup. Patient should not have urinated for at least 1 hour prior to collection. Tranfer of urine to Aptima Urine Collection Media: Transfer 2 mL of urine into the urine specimen transport tube using disposable pipette provided. Fluid level must be between the two black lines on urine collection media.
Specimen Type:Urine/Swab/Thin Prep and Serum
NAAT (Hologic/Genprobe) ; COBAS 8000 ECLIA
For a complete list of assay limitations, we recommend that you review the manufacturer’s package insert: https://www.hologic.com/sites/default/files/2019-12/502446-IFU-PI_009_01.pdf
CPT Codes
87661, 87491, 87591, 87563, 87340, 86803, 86695, 86696, 86780, 87389