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8280Vaginal Strep Culture (Group B Strep)
Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
Vaginal/rectal swab
Stuart’s or Amies’s culture swab without charcoal, 48 hours at Room Temperature
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Specimen Requirements
Vaginal and rectal sample collection should be performed in accordance with published guidelines for collection of clinical specimens for culture of Group B Streptococcus. Vaginal and rectal specimens may be collected using the same swab or two different swabs. Cervical, perianal, perirectal or perineal specimens are not acceptable sample types. A speculum should not be used for sample collection. Place swab(s) in a non-nutritive transport medium (eg, Stuart’s or Amies without charcoal) and transport to the laboratory. In the event that two different swabs are used for sample collection, a single transport device may be used.
Specimen Type:Vaginal/rectal swab
Panther Fusion Real-time PCR
For a complete list of assay limitations, we recommend that you review the manufacturer’s package insert: https://www.hologic.com/package-inserts/diagnostic-products/panther-fusion-gbs-assay
Clinical Utility
Screening for GBS colonization in antepartum women between 35 and 37 weeks’ gestation, followed by intrapartum antibiotic treatment for women with positive colonization status, has proven to be an effective mechanism for prevention of perinatal Group B Streptococcal disease. As colonization may be transient, intermittent or persistent throughout pregnancy, screening is most effective when performed on specimens collected no more than five weeks (35 – 37 weeks gestation) prior to delivery and after enrichment with selective broth medium.
CPT Codes
87081, 87150